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aquarius pizzeria potos thassos  (3)
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Aquarius pizzeria

Since we're always in a hurry during the summer and often have no time to cook or to go to a restaurant, we usually order food from a restaurant to go. The best and most favourable choice for us is pizzeria Aquarius. It's located on the corner, at the beginning...

armeno restaurant skala maries thassos  (3)
Updated October 5, 2018 8 comments

Armeno Restaurant

Restaurant "Armeno" in Skala Maries (Marion) is one of the best fish restaurants in the south of Tasos. If you tell them that you came with our agency or show a discount card you will receive a discount of 10%. At the menu of this restaurant you will find...

the best restaurants and dishes on south of the island (1)

You are in Potos and you would like to have lunch but you don't know where :) We will let you know our favourite places and maybe you like them too. However let us know your impressions if you visit them. If you want gyros or some fast food than you...

taverna iatrou theologos thassos  (3)
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Iatrou Tavern (Kleoniki)

Tavern Kleoniki (at famous Brka) is located at the end of Theologos. When you enter Theologos you will come to the crossroad. Drive to the right for 500-600m. Before the end of the village you will see written with big letters IATROU and Kleoniki. Usually the owner himself, Kostas...

Koukoutsi Tavern Limenaria Thassos Greece 3
Updated August 16, 2018 2 comments

Koukoutsi tavern

In the small narrow street in Limenaria is located the tavern Koukoutsi. It is a traditional Greek tavern well known among the locals. Coming from Prinos on the main cross road in Limenaria continue straight uphill towards Potos and the church and turn left to the second street. The restaurant is...

vigli restaurant golden beach
Updated August 20, 2019 4 comments

Our little perfect places

I will share with you our favorite places in which we like to stop by when we have free time during the summer.

Since we live and work in Potos, most of them are in the south of the island.

One of our...

sea urchin and limpets 1
Updated March 27, 2018 3 comments

Sea urchins, sea shells and olive oil

Sea urchins only live in exceptionally clean water, on rocks and stones. They are undesirable when we swim, but talking about food, in Dalmatia and Thassos they are a real specialty. The preparation is very simple because they are eaten raw. You should be very careful pulling them off the...

snack bar el greco potos thassos greece 3
Updated April 11, 2018 13 comments

The best giros in Potos - El Greco

El Greco, of course, has excellent gyros, by many, the best in Potos. It's located on the promenade, from the central junction towards the beach. Our guests, as well as all website visitors using our agency's discount card, when buying two gyros, will get a free pancake or juice. El...

giros in potos thassos  (5)
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The best gyros in Potos

El Greco Gyros has the longest tradition in Potos and it's considered one of the best on Thassos. A long-standing tradition in making gyros with a secret mix of spices became a trademark of El Greco snack bar. Many say it's the best gyros they ever had, and we are...

Loukoumades, Limenaria 01
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The best lukumades in Thassos

All of the tourists that visit Thassos return home talking about the small balls, looking like donats, that are called lukumades. They can be covered with syrup or also served with vanila ice cream and cinemon. This special sweet is being made in the bakery in Limenaria which is...