Sithonia has such a vast number of beaches that it is impossible to visit them all during one summer vacation. It takes years of vacationing in Sithonia to truly get to know and discover it. It offers more than enough amenities to satisfy all types of tourists.

First time in Sithonia

If you are planning to vacation in Sithonia for the first time, take a look at the famous and beautiful beaches you can visit during your stay near the major resorts.

Which beaches to visit near popular resorts?

If you choose to have your base in the popular resort of Sarti, located at the southern tip of Sithonia, read about the most beautiful beaches that await you in this article, where it is explained how far they are and how to get to them, so planning your beach visits will be very easy.
If you wish to stay in Sykia or near Sykia, the beaches you must not miss are: Klimataria, Tigania, Kriaritsi, Tourkolimnionas. Read all about the beaches near Sykia in our article.
If you are planning a vacation in Kalamitsi, you can visit the following beaches on the eastern and southern coasts: Tigania, Klimataria, Tourkolimnionias, Orange, Mega Portokali, Karidi, Lagonisi. There are truly many of them, but these are our favorites.
Near Neos Marmaras, there are plenty of beaches, but the most famous and one of the best in Sithonia is Lagomandra. Other beaches worth visiting are towards Nikiti, Kalogria, Spaties, Koviou. More details can be found in our article.
If you have chosen Nikiti as your base, there are two small beaches near Nikiti - Spaties, which are two bays with the same name. These are unorganized beaches, with the smaller one being more beautiful, but it often gets crowded, especially in the shade under that tree. The larger one is less crowded and does not have shallow water.
You often ask us which part of the beach in Nikiti is the most beautiful, widest, and with fine sand?
The best part of the beach is further away from the center, on the opposite side of the pier, in front of the cafes and the former Saint George camp. The beach right next to the pier is also good. In general, along the entire beach, there are beautiful and less beautiful parts, so no matter where you are staying, you can walk up or down the beach for a minute or two to reach some nicer spots.
For more details about the beaches you can visit near Nikiti, check out the link HERE.
There is a wide range of excursions available from Sithonia, so you can choose to take a boat trip around Mount Athos and visit Uranopolis. You can also visit the island of Diaporos and the famous Blue Lagoon, as well as the island of Amouliani, the water park in Thessaloniki, and much more, which you can read about in detail HERE.

The Most Beautiful Beaches in Sithonia

You frequently ask us which is the most beautiful beach in Sithonia, and it is truly difficult to answer that question. However, we have highlighted the TOP 10 that are the most beautiful and should definitely be seen and visited at least once. Our favorite is Mega Portokali, but there are truly many good beaches. Take a look at our favorites.

TOP 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Sithonia

The Orange Beach is certainly on the list of must-visit places.
Karidi Beach has a shallow and fine sand, some natural shade, and wonderful sea that never has waves.
Mega Portokali is a wild beach with stunning sea, shallow waters, and a slightly steep entrance.
Trani Ammouda will leave you breathless due to its size and view of Mount Athos. It is great for children and for spending the whole day.
Lagonisi Beach is an organized beach known for its turquoise sea and fine sand. There is an entrance fee and very little space for personal equipment.
Klimataria Beach has a long shallow area, very fine sand, and clean water. It is perfect for families with young children.
Kalamitsi Beach is a beach that has it all! Clear sea with a beautiful color, fine and comfortable sand, plenty of space for everyone. It also has a nice organized area with cafes and taverns.
Kalogria Beach is a sandy beach with natural shade and shallow water.
Lagomandra Beach is super clean and well-arranged, with natural shade.
Tigania Beach is a smaller beach with an exotic look due to its thatched umbrellas and beach bars.
Other famous beaches certainly don’t fall behind in terms of the beauty of the sea and the atmosphere on them, and you can check them out by clicking on the blue link:
Koviou Beach
Kavourotripes Paradise
Agios Ioannis Beach is a beach on the western coast.
Platanitsi Beach
Armenistis Beach
For more details about the most beautiful beaches, take a look at the text HERE.

Beaches with Natural Shade in Sithonia

If you like natural shade or for health reasons should not be exposed to the sun, in our text we have detailed and described all the beaches in Sithonia that have natural shade HERE.
The following beaches have natural shade:
Lagomandra, Kalogria, Mega Portokali, Rodia, Karidi, Agia Kiriaki.
City beaches in Sithonia that have some natural shade are the beach in Metamorfosi and Neos Marmaras.
You frequently ask us which is the most beautiful, and it is truly difficult to answer that question. Our favorite beach is Mega Portokali, but there are truly many good beaches. Take a look at our favorites here: The Most Beautiful Beaches in Sithonia.
With the passage of time and development, there are also changes and novelties, so the beach Agios Ioanis is now free only in a small part of the beach because a hotel has been built and opened there.
Regarding questions about the facilities of the beaches (changing cabins, showers, etc.), you can check our Guide for each beach individually and know exactly what to expect and how to prepare for each beach.

Family vacation in Sithonia: Where to stay with children in Greece?

“What place and beaches do you recommend in Sithonia for families with young children?” is the most frequently asked question we receive. Below, we will briefly recommend places and beaches that are suitable for a vacation with children and you can read more in our article HERE.

Beaches suitable for young children

In Sithonia, almost all the beaches are sandy and the sea is clean. We will mention those that have a gradual entry into the water - shallow water and some that also have natural shade.
-In Nikiti and its surroundings: Kalogria, which also has natural shade, and Spathies beach - shallow water and natural shade, as well as the city beach (part next to the dock and after the Saint George café); then, Lagonisi, Karidi (during the off-season), Lagomandra. Trani Ammouda is also not bad, although it lacks shade, but it is sandy and not crowded. Koviou, the left side, has shade and more sand.
-Near Vourvourou: Lagonisi, Trani Ammouda, Agios Ioannis, Karidi.
-In the vicinity of Sarti, you will find some of the most beautiful beaches with fine sand and shallow water: Orange beach (no wind or waves, so you can always enjoy), the city beach in Sarti (the shallowest part is in the new part of Sarti).
-Sikia is a place with a large number of beautiful beaches that families with young children adore: Klimataria, but there are also Turkolimnionas, Pigadaki, Valti, and the beach in Sikia itself is suitable for young children.
-Kalamitsi beach has beautiful sea, nice and soft sand, shallow water, and it is the most popular one in Halkidiki.
-The beaches near Toroni have a gradual depth and clean sea.
-Neos Marmaras has a city beach with shallow water and very fine sand.
You can find beaches in Sithonia that have natural shade by clicking on THIS link.
Family vacation in Sithonia: where to stay with children in Greece?
“What places and beaches do you recommend in Sithonia for families with young children?” is the most frequently asked question we receive. Below, we will briefly recommend places and beaches that are suitable for a summer vacation with children, and for more details you can read our article HERE.
Beaches suitable for young children
In Sithonia, almost all beaches are sandy and the sea is clean. We will list those that have a gradual entry into the water - shallow areas - and some that also have natural shade:

  • In Nikiti and the surrounding area: Kalogria, which also has natural shade, and Spathies beach - shallow and with natural shade, as well as the city beach (part next to the dock and after the cafe Saint George). Also, Lagonisi, Karidi (during the off-season), and Lagomandra. Trani Ammouda is not bad either, even though it does not have shade, but it is sandy and not crowded. Koviou, the left part, has shade and more sand.
  • Near Vourvourou: Lagonisi, Trani Ammouda, Agios Ioannis, Karidi.
  • In the vicinity of Sarti, there are some of the most beautiful beaches with fine sand and shallow waters: Orange beach (no wind or waves, so you can always enjoy), the city beach in Sarti (the shallowest part is in the new part of Sarti).
  • Sikia is a place with a large number of beautiful beaches that families with young children love: Klimataria, but there are also Turkolimnionas, Pigadaki, Valti, and the beach in Sikia itself is suitable for smaller children.
  • Kalamici beach has beautiful sea, nice and soft sand, shallow waters, and is the most popular in Halkidiki.
  • Beaches near Toroni have gradual depth and clean waters.
  • Neos Marmaras has a city beach with shallow waters and very fine sand.

You can check the beaches in Sithonia that have natural shade by clicking HERE.
Which place to choose in Sithonia for a family vacation with young children?
The question of which is the best place with a beautiful beach for young children is one that we receive extremely often from tourists, as well as acquaintances and friends. If you want to be accommodated with your children in a place with a beautiful beach without frequent visits to other beaches, the recommendations below are for you, and you can read more on how to choose the right place for a vacation with young children in our article HERE.
All major places have decent beaches, but they all have some drawbacks as well.

  • In our opinion, Toroni is the best place for a quiet vacation with children. It has a fantastic beach, which is sandy only in some parts, and the shallow areas are not long, but nor is the depth sudden. The place is peaceful and perfect for relaxation.
  • Neos Marmaras has an excellent sandy beach, but it is located outside the center, so you should choose accommodation that is not in the center of the town but near the beach (in the vicinity of the stadium).
  • Novi Sarti has a sandy beach with a long shallow area, but it is windier. The sand is very fine and the water is knee-deep for several tens of meters. It is not as densely built as the old part, so there is plenty of parking space, which is important for a vacation with children. If you mind the wind, there are many beaches in the surrounding area that you can visit, check them out HERE.
  • Nikiti is a nice town with a beautiful promenade and not too noisy. The beach has sandy parts and is very clean, with some rocky areas as well. It depends on which part is closest to you, but you can always explore a bit and swim in the part of the beach that you like the most.
  • If you don’t mind if the place has other facilities, then Kalamici has the best beach for both children and adults.

Vacation in Sithonia with a baby
It depends on the type of places you like, but Vourvourou, Kalamici, Toroni, Nikiti, Marmaras, all have beautiful places suitable for young children. The most important thing is to find accommodation near a sandy beach with a shallow area and, ideally, natural shade. Vourvourou may be the best choice if you find accommodation right on the beach and with shade. As for places where you can enjoy a stroll with a baby in a stroller, we recommend Nikiti and Sarti, and also Toroni.

Choice of place - Which place to choose for a vacation in Sithonia?

You often ask us which place is the most beautiful in Sithonia? It depends on your taste and what is important to you. Sarti is more beautiful to us, but the sea is warmer and calmer in Nikiti. Toroni has the most beautiful beach, Neos Marmaras is the liveliest…
With a brief description, we will help you choose a place according to your taste, and by clicking on individual names, you can read much more detailed information about each place that interests you, in particular.
If you like sandy beaches and lively places with plenty of amenities (taverns, shops, cafes…), then Sarti and Neos Marmaras are your destination. Nikiti is a lively place, but the town beach has both sandy and rocky parts.
If you are looking for the best place as a base for exploring Sithonia, then choose Nikiti, Ormos Panagias,, Sarti, and Sykia,, followed by Vourvourou and Metamorfosi. Sithonia has so many great beaches all around, so it is difficult to go wrong with the choice of a place.
You can read a much more detailed description of all the places in Sithonia in our article “Which place to choose in Sithonia?” . By clicking on the names of the places, you can view the accommodation options in that particular resort.
Psakoudia is a beautiful destination for a peaceful vacation. It offers limited amenities, and while the beach is decent, it lacks the characteristic turquoise sea that Sithonia is known for, starting from Nikiti and onwards. If your priority is to relax and swim at a decent beach, you have made a good choice. You can read about tourists’ experiences in our group here.
Beautiful beaches in Sithonia start from Agios Ioannis on the west coast (Koviou, Kalogria, Spathies, Lagomandra), and on the east coast Trani Ammouda, Lagonisi, and Karidi. These beaches are nearest to you.
Sarti is the most popular destination in Sithonia. Many tourists gladly return to this place. It consists of two parts, the Old and the New. The Old Sarti is more lively and offers a variety of amenities such as restaurants, cafés, a promenade, shops, and beach bars. On the other hand, the New Sarti and Sarti Beach are more suitable for a peaceful vacation, with fewer people on the beach and a longer shallow area. We offer over 100 accommodations in Sarti, which you can view here.
Neos Marmaras is a picturesque and vibrant place. Its drawback is the lack of a promenade (one walks on a sidewalk where cars are often parked), but it is an advantage to have a large sandy beach. It is important to choose accommodation in a good location to avoid walking to the beach, as it is located outside the town. Overall, you can have a great time if you choose a well-positioned accommodation.
Metamorfosi is a charming place surrounded by pine trees. It offers limited amenities but is close to Nikiti (7km) and famous beaches (Koviou, Kalogria, Trani Ammouda, Lagonisi…), making it a good base for exploring Sithonia. Its downside is a narrower and poorer quality beach (rocky and sometimes with cloudy water).
Agios Nikolaos has a slightly larger square and is more lively, while Old Nikiti has only one restaurant and two cafés, offering a quieter option. Both are worth visiting in the evening.
Nea Flogita is a beautiful place with a decent beach and a long promenade. It is quite lively, with plenty of shops and restaurants. It is excellent for a peaceful vacation and strolling. It is connected to Nea Plagia, so you can walk a lot between the two places.
Toroni is the best destination for a peaceful vacation, as it offers just enough amenities. The sea is not shallow, and the depth gradually increases.
If you want to enjoy Sithonia and avoid the large crowds that occur during the season, we recommend renting an isolated cottage in advance. Such offers are also available, and you can view them here just open the filters and activate option “house”.
You can view our extensive accommodation options in Sithonia, with over 700 options to suit everyone’s taste and budget, by clicking here. In the filters, select the options/criteria that suit you (beach proximity, price, and other available options), and the website will display accommodations according to your preferences. If you wish to book any accommodation, please contact us via email at , and we will provide you with all the necessary information and reservation instructions.

Excursions from Sithonia

There are numerous excursions organized by local agencies in Sithonia, and some excursions can be organized by yourself.
From Ormos Panagias, you can go on boat trips to Athos, Ammouliani, and the Blue Lagoon. If you have your own car, you can organize trips to Athos and Ammouliani by yourself, and rent a boat for the Blue Lagoon. Apart from the beaches in Sithonia, you can visit the monastery of Ormilia in the eponymous village, the Porto Carras winery, and the traditional places of Stari Nikiti, Agios Nikolaos, Parthenonas, and Metagitsi for their specialty roasted dishes.
From Sarti, there are boat excursions to the Blue Lagoon, around Diaporos, and also to Athos and Ammouliani. Besides the abundant beaches, Sarti doesn’t have anything specific to visit. You can check out the beaches on our website: article about the most beautiful beaches in the vicinity of Sarti.
If you are staying in Nikiti or its surroundings, you can visit the monastery of Ormilia, and from Ormos Panagias, which is close to Nikiti, you can go on cruises to the Blue Lagoon, Ammouliani, and Athos. You can also visit Athos by car, which takes about an hour’s drive. If you haven’t visited it yet, you can also visit Afitos in Kassandra.
Depending on how much you feel like driving, Arnea is a beautiful place in the interior of Halkidiki.
If you are stationed in Toroni, you need to go to Ormos Panagias from where the boats depart.
You can find more details about excursions on the page HERE.

Pet Friendly Beaches

Pets are not prohibited anywhere, except in certain bars, but they are not desirable on crowded beaches, as visitors will surely react and will not be pleased if a dog is swimming or barking. Therefore, it is best to visit wild and unorganized beaches and beaches without crowds. Ideally, you should not spend your summer vacation in July and August, if possible, as you would also be more relaxed. Beaches without crowds are: Tristinika, the large Spathies beach, Aretes, Salonikiou, Trani Ammouda especially during the off-season, Fava, Kriaritsi, Sikia, Elia (a coastline that is 2km long).
For more information on traveling with pets, please see our article HERE.
We offer a truly large number of accommodations (over 700) in all regions that are pet-friendly, so you can take a look and choose on our website HERE by simply enabling the filter option and checking the “pet friendly” option along with any other preferences you have (beach proximity, yard, pool…).

Medical clinics in Sithonia

Whether it’s a cold, allergies, inflammation, or cuts, it’s important to know where you can turn to for medical assistance before you go on a trip. In our text HERE you will find gathered information about medical clinics and doctors who provide treatment for tourists with insurance policies issued in Serbia in this part of Halkidiki.
On the page, you will find the names of doctors, detailed descriptions of locations, and contact telephone numbers.

Supply and Shopping in Sithonia

All places in Sithonia have small grocery stores, but there are also several large supermarkets of well-known chains. Considering that Nikiti is near the intersection where the road branches off to the east and west of Sithonia, you can find the largest number of well-stocked supermarkets there: Lidl, Masoutis, Galaxias, and Vasilopoulos. All of them are located along the main road, so if you are heading to the southernmost part, you can stock up upon arrival in Sithonia.
The Lidl in Neos Marmaras closed in February 2022. If you like to shop at Lidl, you can still do your shopping at the Lidl in Nikiti. You can find the locations of Lidl supermarkets here. For the location of the supermarkets in Sithonia (Lidl, Masoutis…), as well as the market days, please refer to our detailed text here.
If you are interested in the current prices (2023) of basic groceries, take a look at the link HERE.
Market days in Sithonia are as follows: Neos Marmaras on Thursdays, Nikiti on Fridays, Sikia on Saturdays.
Of course, there are a great number of restaurants and taverns where you can enjoy specialties, besides the beautiful beaches. But which ones to choose? Based on years of experience, personal visits, and recommendations from locals, we recommend the restaurants and specialties that are a “must try” in Sithonia. You can find more details in the text Best Restaurants and Specialties in Sithonia and here are recommendations for cafes. Let us know your impressions when you visit them.
Below are just a few examples:
Neos Marmaras and surroundings: O Panos is a must, located on the way to Las Bandidas beach. Boukadura on Elia beach.
In Nikiti, the most famous restaurant is Arsanas (the best and most expensive), the fish restaurant Akrogiali, and for cooked dishes, Kazanis.
In Sarti, it’s difficult to single out the absolute best because there aren’t any that stand out from the others, but let’s say that our favorites are Paidiko Sxoleio and Ta Vrahakia.
The best fish tavern in Sithonia is located in Porto Koufo and is called Tsitsikas.
In a large number of restaurants and cafes, we have been offering discounts for our guests and members of the website and the Live from Greece group for several seasons now. Follow us because we will soon publish a list of discounts for this year.

Local Bus Transport in Sithonia

If you are in Sithonia without a car, it is possible to visit most of the famous beaches using local bus lines.
In Sithonia, there is local bus transport that connects all the places on the peninsula. There is transportation to all major beaches. There aren’t many departures during the day, and the buses tend to be a bit late. Tickets are purchased on the bus, so it’s best to ask the driver about the return time when going to a beach. For example, you can take the local bus from Neos Marmaras to Mega Portokali Beach. The first departure is around half past nine, and the ticket price per person for one-way is approximately 9€. The ride takes about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Parking and Car Safety in Sithonia?

Parking a car always carries the risk of break-ins. It is possible that someone might break into your car at the parking lots of certain well-known beaches, most commonly at Karidi or Orange beach. The likelihood of this happening increases if you leave something valuable in the car. Such incidents are very rare, and 99% of visitors do not experience such unpleasantness. The only thing you can do is not to leave anything valuable in the car.

Vacation in Sithonia in May and June

The question of weather in May and June and sea temperature is often asked. Unfortunately, we cannot know the exact answer because especially in recent years there are no rules. Vacation in the preseason is always somewhat risky. It is important to know that in the first half of June, you should bring warm clothes, sneakers, and lighter jackets for evening walks.
Sithonia in May: The average sea temperature in May is lower than 20 degrees at the beginning of May and only reaches around 20 degrees at the end of May. However, spring is a time you can take advantage of for long walks in nature, by the sea, and enjoy peace and quiet because there are not so many tourists.
Sithonia in June starts the season, the number of tourists increases day by day. The average sea temperature in June is between 20 to 25 degrees, and the number of bathers increases every day.
To better plan your vacation, take a look at the interactive map that we have prepared for you: average sea temperatures for each place in Greece. By clicking on the circle for the selected place, a window with a diagram of average temperatures for that place will appear for all months of the year.

If you are unsure which destination to choose…

Sithonia or Lefkada, what to choose, what are the beaches like compared to those in Lefkada, are questions that we often receive.
The answer is that they are completely different but beautiful in their own way. Sithonia doesn’t have that turquoise color and pebbles, but the color is beautiful in a different way (something between emerald and turquoise). Sithonia mostly has fine sand, the sea is clear unlike the milky one in Lefkada, the beaches are easily accessible compared to Lefkada, there are many more forests and pine trees behind the beaches. Certainly, both destinations are at the top in terms of beauty.
Sithonia or Thassos what to choose? Which beaches are more beautiful?
A difficult question. We prefer Thassos, but Sithonia has a larger number of beaches, while Thassos offers more variety. Take a look at the map :) Both destinations are excellent for those who like to change beaches.

In addition to answering your questions, in our Guide you can find more detailed information about everything that interests you about Sithonia and the planned place for your vacation.
General information
Travelling to Sithonia
Food and Drinks
What to See

Accommodation in Sithonia, over 700 accommodations for every taste, you can choose on our website by clicking HERE.

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